Leadership of Change® - Quote Cards (101 - 108)

Change Management Sponsorship - Volume 7

Change management and the Leadership of Change are a challenge for every organisation. It’s important that everyone involved approaches organisational changes with a growth mindset, learning from previous change, aligning the leadership team, using structures approaches and focusing on employee adoption to achieve benefits realisation and suitability.


Please enjoy reading our Change Management Sponsorship Quote Cards that will be contained within our tenth book: Change Management Sponsorship - Leadership of Change Volume 7:

"Sponsorship is the single most important factor in change success”


"Without effective and proactive sponsorship, the change project will eventually fail, the change will not be adopted by the employees nor be sustained, and it will not deliver the intended benefits”


“Organisational change sponsorship is about effectively and proactively communicating the change to the stakeholders, Say. Providing and developing competent resources, Support. Intervening, rewarding to embed the change, Sustain”


“The change sponsor must effectively and proactively: Say - Communicate with stakeholders, Support - Provide and develop competent resources, Sustain - Intervene, reward and embed the change”


“‘Say’ is the foundation of change sponsorship, articulate the strategy, be the face of the change and communicate constantly”


“Support’ is about change execution, the change sponsor should provide quality resources, engage and coach the organisation”


“‘Sustain’ is the critical change sponsorship responsibility, intervene to ensure adoption, reward positive behaviour and embed the new way”


“Trying to lead a change project without a sponsor is like trying to rest on a two-legged stool, you can balance for a while but eventually you will fall over”


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