a2B5R Employee Change Behaviour Model in less than 2 minutes

Updated: Apr 16

Change Management Models are proven game changers to improve capital and positive operating performance, ensuring sustainable organisational cultural change and the new required employee behaviours. We are now introducing our a2B5R Behaviour Model. The a2B5R® Model systematically supports the transition of the employee behavioural change. One of the most challenging aspects of any change programme is the way in which the employee aspects are addressed. Changing an employee's behaviour and improving their performance is a critical part of the change management process.


1. What is a Change Management?

2. What is the Objective?

3. What is the Big Challenge?

4. Unsupported Employee Behaviour Change Journey

5. Solution Develop the New Behaviours

6. Critical Elements to Ensure Employee Behaviour Change

7. Supported Employee Behaviour Change Journey

8. a2B5R® Behaviour Model​

Our Change Management Models:

a2B Change Management Framework (a2BCMF®)

a2B AUILM® Employee Change Adoption Model

a2B5R® Employee Change Behaviour Model

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