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Updated: Mar 6

One of the most important considerations for a change practitioner or a lean practitioner is that, without trust you will not achieve improvement or change through people. As a change improvement agent, you are selling a change to the organisation. The person you engage with will ask one key question when you introduce yourself, “can I trust you?” The Trust Equation provides a model to show the key elements of a change agent as a Trusted Adviser. The objective is to build trust by increasing credibility, reliability, intimacy and to lower self-orientation.

Characteristics and Traits

The success of any improvement or change depends heavily on the relationship between the change agent, the sponsor, leadership team and the employees of the organisation. It matters less if the organisation appoints internal change agents or hires outside consultants. To be successful, change agents develop relationships built on trust and commitment. Again, getting the right person with right behaviour the required growth mindset is extremely important. Other characteristics and traits include:

 ~ People Skills: Change is about people. Change adoption and success will be achieved when employees embrace it.

Credibility: Must have credibility within the organisation, both in knowledge and character to lead by example.

Tenacity: Not giving up easily when progress is strained, being patient yet persistent.

~ Listening Skills: Ability to explore different employee perspectives and take them into account when looking for solutions.

~ Good Communicator: Ability to communicate to people in a non-threatening manner and define what is expected of them within a diverse culture.

~ Positivity: Using positivity when communicating with employees can make a huge positive impact on their emotional well-being and their future adoption of the change.

"Without trust you will not change the employees or the organisation" ~ Peter F Gallagher

Peter F Gallagher is the Founder and Managing Director of a2B Advisory Consulting and the methodology designer of the a2B Change Management Framework (a2BCMF). Our a2BCMF is a structured and disciplined approach to support organisations, leadership teams and individuals going through a change, the transition from the current state 'a' to the future state 'B'.

Peter F Gallagher

Peter is a globally recognised leader and expert in change management. He speaks on both change management and change leadership alignment, he has a proven track record of complex change and project delivery in multi-disciplinary environments for the world’s largest and most successful organisations. He is a highly accomplished, accredited and skilled global senior executive with Big Four external consulting experience, as well as internal and commercial consulting experience, working in over twenty-five countries over a thirty-year career.

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