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Change Strategy Execution (CSE): Delivering Change Is a Strategic Necessity

In today’s era of tremendous change and revolutionary technological advancements, change is not just a choice; delivering successful change is a strategic necessity. The ongoing technological revolution, coupled with shifting consumer preferences and global challenges, demands that organisational leaders embrace change and navigate its complexities effectively. Successful change strategy execution (CSE) is essential for not only survival but also sustainable ongoing success. Organisational leaders are facing unprecedented challenges, requiring them to be resilient navigators of change. The ability to steer through the intricate terrain of organisational change has become paramount. In a world where the only constant is change, leaders must set audacious goals for transformation to ensure the relevance and success of their organisations over the next decade and then deliver. Over the next decade, organisations and their leaders will face unprecedented challenges and opportunities. Those who are challenged by CSE will become stagnant and outdated. However, those with CSE capability can position themselves for success, driving innovation, growth, and long-term prosperity. Central to the success of CSE are effective and proactive change leadership, sponsorship, and a structured change implementation framework:

Effective and Proactive Change Leadership:

Effective and proactive change leadership plays a crucial role in driving successful change strategy execution. It involves aligning the leadership team using the change leadership alignment (CLA) process and ensuring they effectively and proactively fulfil their change leadership responsibilities. Change leaders must provide clear direction, communicate effectively, manage resistance, and create a culture conducive to change. With effective change leadership, organisations can navigate through the complexities of change and inspire employees to embrace the new initiatives.


Effective and Proactive Sponsorship:

Effective and proactive sponsorship is another critical factor in change strategy execution. A sponsor, using the change leadership alignment (CLA) process, aligns the leadership team and takes on the responsibility of championing the change initiative. The sponsor provides the necessary support, resources, and advocacy to ensure the successful implementation of the change. They play a crucial role in communicating the vision, addressing concerns, and removing obstacles that might hinder the change process. With effective and proactive sponsorship, organisations can foster a positive change culture and increase the likelihood of successful change execution.


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a2B Change Management Framework® (a2BCMF®):

The a2B Change Management Framework® (a2BCMF®) is a structured and disciplined approach designed to support organisations, leadership teams, and individuals through the change process. It guides the transition from the current ‘a’ state to the improved future ‘B’ state. The framework consists of ten key steps, but iterations between the steps are often necessary, and some can be worked on in parallel. It provides a comprehensive roadmap that helps organisations effectively plan, execute, and sustain change initiatives. By following the a2BCMF®, organisations can navigate the complexities of change, ensure stakeholder alignment, and achieve the desired outcomes.


Other Important Change Enablers:

In addition to effective change leadership and sponsorship, the a2B Change Management Framework® incorporates two essential change enablers: The AUILM® Employee Change Adoption Model and the a2B5R® Employee Behaviour Change Model.


Employee Change Adoption: Achieving successful employee change adoption is often a complex and challenging endeavour. Maximising employee adoption of the new way of working is usually critical if business benefits are realised. To ensure successful change adoption, it is crucial for leaders, sponsors, and change teams to provide employees with the necessary support throughout the change transition. This support includes creating awareness, fostering understanding, encouraging involvement, facilitating learning, and nurturing motivation for the change. It also means aligning employees, processes, systems, and leadership (EPSL). The AUILM® Employee Change Adoption Model, a component of the a2B Change Management Framework®, focuses on supporting employees through the change transition. It involves providing awareness, understanding, involvement, learning, and motivation to facilitate sustainable change and realise the intended benefits. By addressing the needs of employees and involving them in the change process, organisations can enhance change adoption, minimise resistance, and create a positive environment for successful change execution.


o Change Employee Behaviour: One of the most challenging aspects of any change programme is the way in which employee behaviours are addressed. Changing employee behaviour and improving their performance is a critical part of the change management process. The a2B5R® Employee Behaviour Change Model, also part of the a2B Change Management Framework®, helps organisations address employee behaviour issues during change. It emphasises recognising existing problems, redesigning desired behaviours, making resolutions to implement them, replicating the new behaviours, and reinforcing the change. By focusing on behaviour change, organisations can align employee actions with the desired outcomes of the change initiative, ensuring a smooth transition and long-term success.



Change strategy execution (CSE) is a vital process for organisations aiming to achieve strategic goals through successful change initiatives. It involves effective and proactive change leadership, sponsorship, and the implementation of frameworks such as the a2B Change Management Framework®. By aligning employees, processes, and systems, as well as addressing employee change adoption and behaviour change, organisations can maximise employee adoption, make change sustainable, realise the intended benefits, and ultimately become higher-performing entities. With effective change leadership, proactive sponsorship, and a structured change implementation framework, organisations can navigate complexities, drive transformation, and successfully execute change strategies. Successful execution of a change strategy goes beyond ensuring survival; it enables organisations to achieve heightened productivity, elevated customer satisfaction levels, and enduring growth, ultimately delivering substantial value to stakeholders.


Peter consults, speaks, and writes on the Leadership of Change®.

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