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Organisational Change Implementation Spectrum© (OCIS©) Approaches

Updated: Jun 13

Getting the right balance during organisational change implementation by change management professionals is crucial to maximising employee adoption, achieving the targeted return on investment (ROI), benefit realisation, and sustainable change. The Leadership of Change® defines three distinct yet interconnected approaches on the organisational change implementation spectrum© (OCIS©). They are all important, but some impact change implementation success more than others. Change professionals tend to have a single preference for where they focus and operate. Each approach has advantages and disadvantages for the change team.

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(a) Approach 1. Leadership, Sponsorship, and Implementation: This is about getting an effective and proactive sponsor, aligning the leadership team, and ensuring they know their key change leadership responsibilities. I have yet to encounter a successful change implementation without an effective and proactive sponsor, backed by an aligned leadership team with change leadership skills and knowledge. They are supported by a change management framework to implement the change programme and achieve benefit realisation and return on investment (ROI).

Advantages: Leaders control the organisation’s resources, decision-making bodies, and agenda time.

Disadvantages: Narcissists, indifferent delegators, or silo-focused leaders can be difficult to work with.

(b) Approach 2 - Employee Adoption: Achieving employee change adoption in a major organisational change or transformation is usually one of the main business objectives for the organisation and its leadership team. Maximising employee adoption and making it sustainable should ensure the targeted ROI, full benefit realisation, and a higher-performing organisation. Employees should be supported through the change adoption process by being provided with Awareness, Understanding, Involvement, Learning, and Motivation (AUILM®).

Advantages: Employees are fully supported and engaged through the change transition process.

Disadvantages: Unless the leaders are directly involved in the adoption process, the change team will compete against normal day-to-day operations for critical resources.

(c) Approach 3 - Employee Support: We now live in the “Age of the Employee,” and employees want collaboration and to feel included, valued, and engaged. This means organisations and their leaders will have to have a strategy and service offerings that ensure the wellbeing of their employees. This becomes more important during organisational change and transformation, especially with mindfulness, burnout, inclusion, etc.

Advantages: It enhances the employee change transition experience and makes employees feel good.

Disadvantages: Unless these activities are directly linked and supported by leaders, these efforts may only have temporary benefits.

"An organisation and its leaders cannot delegate change to a different and isolated internal change team or even experienced external consultants, expecting change implementation to supersede current normal day-to-day operations to become the new way of working"

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