Change Leadership Alignment  

"Change waits for no leader and the skills required for leading day-to-day operations are very different to change leadership"

The change question set all leaders should be able to answer

"Do you have a change vision? Are you aligned on your strategic objectives? Are you a high performing team? Does your team have change leadership skills to lead the change or improvement that your organisation is facing?"

We are in the middle of the fourth industrial revolution (4IR) and change will become a constant within every organisation. This technology revolution shows no sign of slowing, and future leaders will have to be equally skilled at simultaneously leading operations and change implementation. Until recently, an organisational leader or manager could just focus on normal day-to-day operations, handing off change management and implementation responsibilities to other people.

Corporate thinking about change management has evolved in recent years and it is considered as a core competence by some leading organisations. Varying degrees of change capability, low employee adoption, lack of sustainability and low benefits realisation have become the drivers to develop corporate change capability. Change capability starts with the top leadership team, they understand previous change history and the barriers to success so they align strategically as a high performing team and then develop the skills and knowledge to successfully deliver future organisational change.  

The strategic change leadership alignment process develops change leadership capability so the organisation’s leaders are aligned, as a high performing team, with change leadership skills and knowledge to successfully lead your organisation’s change, transformation or improvement to accelerate employee change adoption and deliver sustainable long-term benefits.

Five Step Approach to Leadership Alignment

Change History Assessment©: A data driven approach to establish how successful the organisation was at previous change. 



1:1 Leadership Interviews: Peter will interview each of the leadership team to establish the gaps within the organisation and the barriers to implementing strategic change successfully.

Strategic Alignment: The leadership team should be aligned with the organisation's strategic priorities and their vision for change should be prepared.



Develop High Performing Teams: The leadership team will have to have trust and stay committed so they can achieve their objectives and goals.

Develop Leadership of Change® Capability: Change management gamification will be used for experiential learning during a change case study where the leadership team gets to assess, select and implement their chosen change tactics through three simulation change phases: Plan, Execute and Sustain.


"The best leadership teams have purpose, they are aligned on their strategic objectives, they are a high performing team and have change leadership skills to navigate 4IR"

©2021 BY Peter F Gallagher