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Change Management Handbook - Leadership of Change® Volume 3

Change Management Handbook: This change management handbook contains over fifty concepts, models, figures, assessments, tools, templates, checklists, plans, a roadmap and glossary, structured on the ten step a2B Change Management Framework® each with a practical case study.

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About the Book: This handbook is for change management practitioners, managers, students, HR professionals and who want to deliver successful organisational change while their organisation continues with day-to-day operations. Leadership of Change® Volume 3 provides deep insights into change programme delivery using the a2B Change Management Framework® (a2BCMF®). It starts by aligning the change with the organisation’s strategy and vision, moving through to successfully closing and sustaining the change. It covers ten key change management implementation concepts in detail, which include sponsorship, change history, communication, change planning, readiness, resistance, developing the new skills and behaviours, as well as adoption. It also includes the AUILM® Employee Change Adoption Model and the a2B5R® Employee Behaviour Change Model.

Who this book is forAll too often, change management implementations fail to deliver the expected organisation benefits or gain employee adoption. Volume 3 - Change Management Handbook is targeted at all employees going through an organisational change. It will help them to understand why organisations need to change, and why they need to learn new skills and behaviours. It will also explain why becoming involved in shaping the change can be more fulfilling for them and their organisation. 
This handbook is of particular interest to change practitioners, HR professionals, students studying change management, and project managers, including organisational managers and leaders. This book can also be used as part of a self-study programme or as a reference before, during, and after training to learn change management concepts, assessments, tools, templates, checklists and plans, as well as the roadmap and glossary.

"Leaders go about their daily tasks to implement their organisation’s strategy to deliver financial results. All of a sudden there is a change explosion, disrupting normal day-to-day operations and results" 



Who is this Handbook for?
List of Figures
How to use this Handbook

Section 1: Change Management Introduction
1.1 Organisation Change Disruption
1.2 What is Change Management?
1.3 Organisational Change Challenges
1.4 The Benefits of Change Management
1.5 Organisation Change Capability
1.6 Change Management Leadership
1.7 Incremental Change Versus Transformation

Section 2: a2B Change Management Framework®
Section 3: Change Delivery
3.1 Change Definition
3.1.1 Change Definition - Overview 
3.2 Secure Sponsorship and Resources
3.3 Assess Previous Change
3.4 Develop Detailed Change Plan
3.5 Communicate the Change
3.6 Assess Readiness
3.7 Manage Resistance
3.7.1 Change Resistance - Overview
3.8 Develop New Skills and Behaviours
3.9 Adoption
3.10 Sustain and Close

Section 4: Other Information and Support
4.1 References
4.2 Glossary
4.3 Bibliography
4.4 Index

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