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Kaizen Leader - Course
Developing Kaizen Leader Capability

Developing the skills and abilities of a Kaizen Leader to lead a week long workshop with a cross-functional team is a key foundation to improve organisation processes, systems and employees. The direct aim is to increase profitability by reducing waste and improving customer satisfaction and quality standards across the organisation. The aspiring Kaizen Leader will master Lean methodology, techniques and tools, know the Lean principles and inspire employees to adopt business improvement within their organisation. The Kaizen Leader is the project lead who builds business improvement capability and will drive successful organisation change transition, from the current state ‘a’ to the future state ‘B’.


Who is the Kaizen Leader Course for?

The Kaizen Leader course is for employees who want to improve and make their organisation great, by removing waste. This programme is designed to build Kaizen Leader capability within an organisation. The Kaizen Leader will have strong team building capability, good facilitation and project delivery skills, as well as a keen interest in business improvement and previous Lean experience. As a delegate, you will get experience of Lean methodologies and techniques that can help you to deliver effective and sustainable business improvement. This course is highly practical, focusing on providing you with the skills to systematically deliver a business improvement project over a 1-3 year period back in the workplace. A Kaizen event follows three main phases and the training will follow this format. 

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Key Learning

This course follows typical change programme implementation lifecycle steps:

~ Create Charter and align with Sponsor.

~ Identify Team and Collect Data.

~ Kaizen Philosophy.

~ Kaizen Event.

~ Kaizen Simulations.

Value Stream Mapping Exercises.

~ Kaizen/Lean Tools and Techniques.

~ Standard Operating Procedures.

~ Visual Management.

~ Change and Kaizen Behaviours.

~ Sustain and Close.


Certification and Exam

The Kaizen Leader certification is obtained by those who attend the full course, pass the exam and successfully facilitate two supervised Kaizen events. To pass the closed book exam you will need to achieve a score of 70% or more, by answering 30 multiple choice questions within 60 minutes.


Our Trainers

Our Kaizen trainers are globally experienced consultants who have worked within the big 4 and led major change and transformation programmes for some of the world's most successful organisations. As certified Lean MBB and GB they also have change, project and quality accreditations from international organisations such as ASQ, ACMP, PMI, PRINCE and Shell International. 


Training and Learning Cycle

Our training is modelled on Klob's four stage cycle of learning:

~ A new concept or technique is presented and discussed.

~ The new concept or technique is tested.

~ Reflection and discussion to capture learning points.

~ The concept is applied back in the workplace on your project.

Philosophy of Lean

Kaizen is a business improvement strategy where employees of the organisation proactively work together to achieve regular, incremental improvements to their processes. Kaizen focuses on creative solutions instead of capital expenditures. Kaizen is a Japanese term, 'Kai' meaning change and 'Zen' meaning good. Continuous improvement by everyone, everyday and everywhere in the organisation.


A Kaizen Workshop

A Kaizen Workshop is an action-oriented, team-based approach used to implement results quickly on a pre-selected business process or opportunity. The Kaizen team is comprised of cross-functional workers from across the organisation. Teams are given short-term objectives to accomplish during the week long workshop. Objectives usually include processes or opportunities that can be solved by the team within the week, using Lean tools and available resources. A typical Kaizen event has the following three phases:


~ Planning: Kaizen Leaders will collect data about a process, issue or opportunity that a Kaizen event is scheduled to solve. They will also select, train and prepare the team for the workshop.


~ Execute Workshop: The Kaizen Leader and the team will work together in a one week workshop following a structured approach, applying Lean tools and other techniques to develop a solution. The objective is to implement the solution during the workshop, but this is not always possible. Supporting the solution will be a project plan, a change plan and a communications plan. 


~ Implement and Sustain: Once the event has taken place and been completed, it is important for the Kaizen Leader and team to follow up to make sure all the solutions and tasks proposed during the workshop were put in place and the solution is continuing to work on a long-term basis.

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