Leadership of Change® - a2B Change Management Framework® Quote Cards

Change management and the Leadership of Change are a challenge for every organisation. It’s important that everyone involved approaches organisational changes with a growth mindset, learning from previous change, aligning the leadership team, using structures approaches and focusing on employee adoption to achieve benefits realisation and suitability.  Please enjoy reading our a2B Change Management Framework quote cards:

a2B Change Management Framework® Step #1 - Change Definition

“Unless the change programme is continually aligned to the organisation’s strategy and capacity it will not deliver speedy benefits or value to the organisation”

a2B Change Management Framework® Step #2 - Secure Sponsorship and Resources

“Without effective and proactive sponsorship, the change programme will eventually fail, the change will not be adopted by the employees or sustained, and it will not deliver the intended benefits”

a2B Change Management Framework® Step #3 - Assess Previous Change

“To achieve future organisational change management success, analyse previous change history, mitigate previous weakness and enhance future success”

a2B Change Management Framework® Step #4 - Develop Detailed Change Plan

“Change project planning should ensure the change management process follows a structured approach with key activities and milestones, transitioning the organisation from the current state ‘a’ to the future state ‘B’, ensuring adoption and benefits realisation”

a2B Change Management Framework® Step #5 - Communicate the Change

“Effective change communication is at the heart of successful change, it acts like the blood in our bodies, but instead of supplying vital oxygen and nutrients, communication supplies information and motivation to the impacted stakeholders”

a2B Change Management Framework® Step #6 - Assess Readiness

“Readiness is about ensuring the sponsor and leadership get the organisation and its employees ready so that resistance is limited and adoption is maximised”

a2B Change Management Framework® Step #7 - Manage Resistance

"Nothing negatively impacts organisation performance quicker than an employee who resists change and who believes that the way they work today is the way they will work tomorrow”

a2B Change Management Framework® Step #8 - Develop New Skills and Behaviours

“If you do not change employee behaviour, you will not get organisational change and performance improvement"​

a2B Change Management Framework® Step #9 - Adoption

“For change adoption to be successful, leadership needs to ensure employees are supported to develop the new skills, behaviours and motivation that delivers improved future organisation performance”

a2B Change Management Framework® Step #10 - Sustain and Close

“One of the most difficult tasks in change management is to sustain the change, continuing adoption and aligning new behaviours with the organisation and individual score cards to ensure benefits realisation"

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