Leadership of Change® - Quote Cards (61 - 70)

Change Management Adoption - Volume 5

Change management and the Leadership of Change are a challenge for every organisation. It’s important that everyone involved approaches organisational changes with a growth mindset, learning from previous change, aligning the leadership team, using structures approaches and focusing on employee adoption to achieve benefits realisation and suitability.


Please enjoy reading our Change Management Adoption Quote Cards that are contained within our seventh book: Change Management Adoption - Leadership of Change Volume 5:

"For change adoption to be successful, support the employees through the change transition by providing awareness, understanding, involvement, learning, and motivation to achieve sustainable change and benefit realisation”


"Achieve employee change adoption through: Awareness, Understanding, Involvement, Learning and Motivation”


"Creating employee change awareness must start on day one, otherwise information gaps will cause fear, resistance will start to build that may not be reversible and this will hinder adoption"


“An early major change adoption challenge for the organisation is making sure the employee understands the business reason for change, as well as how it impacts them


“Employees who are involved in the change design find it difficult to reject its implementation and become your major change agents, ensuring improved user adoption”


“While adopting change it is important to learn the new skills, but sometimes the new behaviours are critical”


"For the change to become normal operations, the leadership needs to support the employees so they have the motivation and discipline to sustain the new way of working”


“Organisational change adoption must be made easier than keeping the old ways”


“An organisation is built on the three pillars of employees, processes and systems. Change adoption requires leadership focus on all three”


“The only thing necessary for the change adoption to fail are leaders and managers who do not intervene to reinforce change”


“Enhance organisation change adoption and solution quality by getting employee input into the change design and then socialising the output”


“A sign of leadership insanity is repeating the same failed change implementation approach and expecting employee change adoption”


“Change agents with organisation credibility, change management skills and the desire to improve an organisation can greatly enhance change adoption and benefits delivery”


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