Leadership of Change® - Change Management Quote Cards (1 - 20)

Change management and the Leadership of Change are a challenge for every organisation. It’s important that everyone involved approaches organisational changes with a growth mindset, learning from previous change, aligning the leadership team, using structures approaches and focusing on employee adoption to achieve benefits realisation and suitability.  


Please enjoy reading our Change Management Quote Cards:

"Change Waits for No Leader”

“Nothing negatively impacts organisation performance quicker than employees who resists change and who believes that the way they work today is the way they will work tomorrow”

“The best leadership teams have purpose, they are aligned on their strategic objectives, they are a high performing team and have change leadership skills to navigate 4IR”

“Effective change communication is at the heart of successful change, it acts like the blood in our bodies, but instead of supplying vital oxygen and nutrients, communication supplies information and motivation to the impacted stakeholders”

“The change question set all leaders should be able to answer
Do you have a change vision, are you aligned on your strategic objectives, are you a high performing team and does you team have change leadership skills to lead the change or improvement that your organisation is facing?”

“Life is all about 'Continuous Never Ending Change and Improvement' (CNECI) as we grow, develop and regenerate”

“A typical response when starting a change journey and engaging organisational leaders, it is not us, it is the employees below me that have the problem with change and improvement”

"Change resistance is inevitable, ignore it at your peril”

“As change professionals, we are all students and organisations are the universities"​

“If you do not change employee mindset and behaviour, you will not get organisational change”

"We are all cosmopolitan, what we are born into is an accident of birth, respect for difference, growth and learning is who we are"

“Too often the change team will engage a leader with success delusion, this look is obvious on their face when you enter their office. They think to themselves, ‘Who is this plebeian and dullard before me?"

“Constructive feedback is leadership gift and driver of organisational behavioural change”

“Nothing remains the same and at some point in time, everything changes”

“Fixed mindset leaders will quickly contaminate an organisation by killing growth and creativity, as well as promoting incompetence based on their likeness. This cycle will be replicated unless shareholders intervene ruthlessly”

“If it is difficult to change the behaviour of people so they are healthier and live longer, how difficult will it be to change employee workplace behaviour”

“I know of no shortcut to success, a foundation of hard work, learning from mistakes, then growing, developing and regenerating”


“Change leadership is action, not a position”

“Many leaders get to the top of an organisation with skills less associated to leadership, but more the ability to eliminate greater competition on the way”

“From my experience, I see a high number of change initiatives fail, so why is it that change experts and leadership coaches continually praise organisations for their great efforts?”

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