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Inside Track Podcast - Business Transformation Journeys - Peter F Gallagher

Updated: Jun 4, 2023

Tony Lockwood is delighted to be joined on today's show by Peter F Gallagher - a Change Management Global Thought Leader, International Corporate Conference Speaker, Author and Leadership Alignment Coach. Peter connects with Tony on the virtual sofa and shares his experience of delivering transformational change in challenging environments.

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Some of the subjects that were discussed:

  • Internal verses external Big Four consultant and the importance of trust

  • You can’t do 10 or 20 transformations programmes and deliver normal day-to-day operations

  • The importance of change leadership alignment

  • The employee Behaviour Change challenge

  • Treating employees with respect during a change journey - future ambassadors of the organisation

  • My four-legged stool

  • ‘Tell’ verses ‘Sell’ change implementation

  • Change management gamification

Key take away: “I have yet to encounter a successful change implementation without an effective and proactive sponsor, backed by an aligned leadership team

Peter is the author of five change management books and we explore these along with the change questions set by Peter as he works with  leaders and their team to develop the solution;

Do you have a change vision?

Are you aligned on your strategic objectives?

Are you a high performing team?

Does your team have change leadership skills to lead the change or improvement that your organisation is facing?

He then works with the leadership team to develop a solution.

I hope you find this episode informative.

About Peter Gallagher

Peter speaks on the Leadership of Change®, change management, change leadership alignment and the benefits of change management gamification. As a speaker, Peter has presented strategic transformations leading practice to Government entities, CEO audiences globally, leadership teams and professional membership conferences. His Linkedin profile is here.

Podcast to be released 6th November 2020.

About The Transformation Leaders Hub

#TLH has been created by Tony Lockwood, founder and CEO of Thompson Wright Partners.

After a 25+ year career designing and delivering transformation across multiple sectors, Tony established TWP in 2018 to create an agency focused completely on project, programme & change management, based around the peer to peer approach that he had utilised in the previous 25 years. 

Over the last 2 years, his team have undertaken a systematic outreach to broaden the network across the UK transformation space and now has at least 80% coverage of the leading transformation talent in the UK.

Links to the Podcast:


Peter F Gallagher is a Change Management Global Thought Leader, Expert, International Speaker, Author and Leadership Alignment Coach.

Ranked #1 Change Management Global Thought Leader: Top 50 Global Thought Leaders and Influencers on Change Management (May 2020) by Thinkers360.

Business Book Ranking: Change Management Pocket Guide - Leadership of Change® Volume 2, ranked within the top 50 Business and Technology Books (Jan 2020) from Thinkers360 Thought Leaders.



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