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Peter F Gallagher Speaking to UK Business Leaders on 
Strategy, Lean and Change - Warrington

Vistage Group CE21 - Warrington Workshop – 12th Feb 2019

Workshop Sessions

1. Strategy Portfolio and Execution

2. Business Improvement and Lean

3. Change Management Lessons Learned

If more employees were better leaders of change, the organisational benefits would be endless. Peter enables the Leadership of Change®

Change disruption has become the order of the day, making it critical for organisations to have change management capability. Delivering successful change needs much more than a standard project management approach, it also needs organisation change capability. Rapidly changing customer buying habits, access to new technology and social media highlights a need to accelerate the way organisations adapt to change to remain competitive, or even survive. Change management can be the proven game changer to improve capital and operating performance, ensuring sustainable organisational cultural change.

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Main Keynote:

Peter has worked in over 25 countries over the last 30 years. From his global experience, he shares ten key lessons learned from organisations when they were implementing organisation change. Peter shares practical insights into the challenges that organisations and their leaders face while implementing change

  • Change definition and organisation change capacity

  • Change sponsorship and leadership

  • Employee change resistance

"Change waits for no leader and the skills required for leading day-to-day operations are very different to change leadership"

Practical Takeaways

  • What is change management?

  • Key change management elements and concepts

  • What is the role of the sponsorship?

  • Why assess previous change history?

  • Change resistance is enviable

  • Key lessons learned from organisation change implementations


Peter F Gallagher is a Change Management Global Thought Leader, Expert, International Speaker, Author and Leadership Alignment Coach.

Ranked #1 Change Management Global Thought Leader: Top 50 Global Thought Leaders and Influencers on Change Management (May 2020) by Thinkers360.

Business Book Ranking: Change Management Pocket Guide - Leadership of Change® Volume 2, ranked within the top 50 Business and Technology Books (Jan 2020) from Thinkers360 Thought Leaders.



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