Business Improvement - Transforming Global HR Processes (Case Study)

Updated: Oct 8, 2020

The right employees are an organisation’s key asset and offer core competitive advantage. Treat them so and develop them, so they can aspire and with the right strategy and leadership you can become a global leader. Employees are the customer interface to deliver client value and nowhere is this more evident than in a global energy organisation with over 90,000 employees, based in over 90 difference countries. If the HR function can manage key employee life-cycle processes, to get the right people, with the right skills, into the right country, at the right time, this will impact project delivery and enhance client value. This is especially true if 7,500 of these employees are expatriate and they bring specialist knowledge and skills not yet developed within the country.

Lean business and process improvement was deployed globally across the organisation as an enabler, to improve wider organisation process waste removal, simplification and efficiency. The HR Executive deployed Lean to improve processes around the employee life-cycle, build process improvement capability and apply those skills in everyday work to create a culture of continuous improvement.

“Clients do not come first. Employees come first. If you take care of your employees, they will take care of the clients” ~ Richard Branson

“Employees are an organisations key asset and offer core competitive advantage. Treat them so and develop them, so they can aspire and with the right strategy and leadership you can become a global leader” ~ Peter F Gallagher, HR Business Improvement, HR Global Process Transformation, HR Transformation, HR Process Transformation, a2B AUILM, a2B AUILM Employee adoption model, a2B5R® Employee Behavioural Model, a2B5R, a2BCMF, a2B AUILM Peter F Gallagher Author of “The Leadership of Change”, The Leadership of Change – volume 1, The Leadership of Change Fables, #LeadershipOfChange, Enabling the leadership of change,, a2B Advisory Consulting, www.a2B.consuling, Peter F Gallagher,, Peter F Gallagher Speaker, If you do not change employee mindset and behaviour, you will not get organisational change" ~ Peter F Gallagher, #LeadershipOfChange, Peter F Gallagher Change Management Expert, Peter F Gallagher London & Edinburgh, Global Speaker, Peter F Gallagher London & Edinburgh, Change Consultants London & EdinburghTraining, Change Improvement, Enabling step improvement, Sarah L Gallagher, Change Management, Change Management Framework, a2BBIS, [Author: Peter F Gallagher], +44 75 4147 2955, +44 75 4401 2510,, London office: Kemp House, 152 - 160 City Road, London, EC1V 2NX, Edinburgh Office: 8/1 East Suffolk Road, Darroch House, Edinburgh, EH16 5PL, Change Management Practitioner Training, Change Management Sponsorship Training, , Business Improvement Consultants London & Edinburgh, Lean Consultants London & Edinburgh, Training Certification London & Edinburgh, Training Certification, Training Accreditation,

Transformation Approach and Success Foundations

Delivering a major transformation successfully in any organisation is always a challenge and achieving sustainable organisation benefits does not happen by luck. Central to this programme’s success was the alignment of the organisation’s portfolio, business and process improvement and change management. With these core enablers in place, a highly skilled team with drive and determination was developed to ensure success.

1. Programme Sponsorship and Strategic Alignment: Without senior executive and programme sponsorship, to ensure alignment with the organisation’s strategy and its portfolio, most programmes are likely to fail.

~ HR Executive

~ HR Global Programme Sponsor

~ Transformation Specialist

2. Improve Global Employee Life-cycle Processes (5): Five global HR Employee life-cycle process were chosen and improved: (1) employee off-boarding, (2) local transfer, (3) on-boarding, (4) international transfer and (5) training. The successful delivery of these projects was dependant of the following elements:

~ Global Process Sponsor

~ Project Delivery Methodology

~ Global Project Team

~ Project Management Work-Stream

~ Change Management Work-Stream

~ Communication Work-Stream

~ Business and Process Improvement Specialist

3. Develop Business Improvement Capability and Culture: Core to delivering the transformational change within HR were three key elements: developing business process improvement capability, improving all HR processes and developing a continuous improvement culture.