Leadership of Change® Workshop A: Change Management Gamification Leadership

"If more employees were better leaders of change, the organisational benefits would be endless. We enable the Leadership of Change®"

Change Management Gamification is a growing trend which helps to engage your employees by using gaming methods. We define gamification as a set of activities and processes to solve change management implementation challenges by applying the characteristics of game elements. We use gamification so that your employees and leaders can learn, test and prepare for your organisational change.

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Focus: Change Leadership

About Change Management Gamification Leadership: This a fascinating change management implementation simulation that offers leadership teams and leaders of change® experiential learning in a safe environment. This enables them to learn, test and reflect on their change leadership capability and skills.

Case Study: AutoChanze™ is a global supplier of automotive systems, modules, and components to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and related aftermarkets. Up until recently they have been a successful and profitable organisation but a recent report commissioned by the Board of Directors has indicated the the automotive industry will be impacted by 4IR like never before!

Gamification Objective: During the simulation the change leaders (in their teams) will focus on how they can achieve the balance between normal day-to-day operations and delivering successful change and employee adoption of a new IT system. They will assess, select and implement their chosen change tactics through three simulation change phases: Plan, Execute and Sustain. They will be scored on how successful their tactics were in implementing successful change.

Change Management Game Theories: This simulation is based on the proprietary a2B Change Management Framework® and the associated change concepts.

Outcome: The participants will be equipped with change leadership knowledge, experience, change mangement models and tools which will enable them to be successful in leading organisational change and transformations. They will become more aware of how to manage stakeholder resistance, expectations and feelings as they try to achieve their organisation's vision and employee change adoption.


  • Work on Simulated Business Case Study

  • Learn in a Safe Learning Environment

  • Experiential Learning with Instant Feedback

  • Fun and Team Learning

  • Immediately apply the Learning back in the Work Place

About this workshop:

The workshop is based on Peter's book: Change Management Gamification Leadership - Leadership of Change Volume A

Change Management Gamification Leadership: This change management gamification workshop manual supports organisational leaders to learn about change leadership in a workshop environment using a business simulation. It includes a business case study that enables experiential learning in a safe environment so the skills and knowledge can be immediately applied back in the workplace.

About this Workshop Manual: Leadership of Change® Volume A is a workshop manual used as one of the aids for learning change management through gamification. The benefits of change management gamification include a safe, fun learning environment with instant feedback and team learning that can be applied immediately back in the workplace. Volume A is a leadership simulation tool that focuses on change leadership. It helps leaders test different leadership of change strategies through experiential learning with their peers. This colourful manual includes a case study about the implementation of an IT system to support the organisation as it adopts new technology and changing customer buying habits. The participants play the Head of Change role, working with twelve key stakeholders and an external partner to successfully implement change. Change Management Gamification Leadership is usually played over a day and has three phases: Plan, Execute and Sustain. The simulation follows the ten step a2B Change Management Framework® (a2BCMF®). There are ten rounds and during each round the change leaders pick their chosen change tactic before they find out how the stakeholders react. The change tactics are supported by over forty change management concepts, graphically illustrated.