Change Management Gamification Pentalogy Offering Coming in 2022

Updated: Apr 3

Leadership - Adoption - Behaviour - Sponsorship - Leadership Teams

During 2022 we will start to roll out our full pentalogy of change management gamification offerings to both clients and the public. We use gamification to support learning of the Leadership of Change® skills and knowledge so your leadership teams and employees can learn, test and prepare for your organisational change. Change management gamification is an interactive and dynamic way for employees to learn change management skills and knowledge using game characteristics. Using gamification to learn change management is much more effective than learning from static PowerPoint slides. Change management knowledge is information acquired through sensory input, such as reading, watching, listening, etc. Change management skills refers to the ability to apply change management knowledge during change implementation. The pentalogy offerings are:

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"Change leadership requires a different set of skills than leading normal day-to-day operations, this capability must be developed before leading organisational change”

Change Management Gamification Leadership - Leadership of Change® Volume A

Focus: Change Leadership - learning ten key steps that support organisational change implementation, structured on the a2B Change Management Framework (a2BCMF®).

Change Management Gamification Adoption - Leadership of Change® Volume B

Focus: Employee Change Adoption - learning the five critical tasks (Awareness, Understanding, Involvement, Learning, and Motivation) that all change professionals should follow to support their organisation's change management implementation with a focus on employee adoption, structured on the AUILM® Employee Change Adoption Model.

Change Management Gamification Behaviour - Leadership of Change® Volume C

Focus: Employee Behaviour Change - learning the five critical tasks (Recognise, Redesign, Resolve, Replicate and Reinforce) that all change professionals should follow to support their organisation's change management implementation with a focus on employee behaviour change, structured on the a2B5R® Employee Behaviour Change Model.

Change Management Gamification Sponsorship - Leadership of Change® Volume D

Focus: Change Sponsorship - learning the three critical sponsorship responsibilities to successfully implement change; Say - communicating the change, Support - providing resources and Sustain - embedding the change, structured on the a2B3S® Change Sponsorship Model.

Change Management Gamification Leadership Teams - Leadership of Change® Volume E

Focus: Change Leadership Teams - learning the three critical leadership responsibilities to successfully implement organisation change as a leadership team: Articulate the vision, Model the new way and Intervene to ensure sustainable change, structured on the AMI® Change Leadership Model.

Leadership of Change®

The Leadership of Change® encompasses change management concepts, models, depictions, assessments, tools, templates, checklists, plans, a roadmap and glossary structured around the ten-step a2B Change Management Framework®. The delivery vehicles are change management books, change management gamification manuals, change management gamification workshops (face-to-face/virtual), leadership alignment workshops and masterclasses.

"Change Waits for No Leader"

Peter consults, speaks, and writes on the Leadership of Change®.

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